Starlight Musings

An attempt to learn the night sky in the early 21st century

Month: March, 2013

Northern Lights in Trondheim




CUDA Fermi for SETI@home

Ever heard of SETI? The abbreviation stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The SETI Institute is currently one of the few not-for-profit organizations that is undertaking a serious scientific search for extraterrestrial civilizations in the cosmic haystack. Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) California nonprofit organization in 1984, key individuals in the history of the institute has included Carl Sagan, Bernard Oliver, David Packard, William Hewlett, Gordon Moore, Paul Allen, Nathan Myhrvold, Lewis Platt, and Greg Papadopoulos. Originally funded by the United States government until 1995, the institute has since then primarily been funded by private sources.

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Learning the Milky Way

The year is 2013. I’m in my fourth year studying history at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science. Yesterday, for the first time, I observed a comet, namely Pan-STARRS. Today, I’m writing the first post for a new blog that will focus on my attempt to learn about the stars and life in the universe. I enjoy writing and cataloging my experiences, and I’ve previously maintained blogs about foreign languages and history. But writing about astronomy will be a first. Let’s hope I keep it up!