NASA Clean Air Study

by jonmaaa

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In 2012 I started purchasing certain plants with beautiful green foliage. I was inspired to do so by the NASA Clean Air Study which was conducted in the 1980s. The study suggests that certain common indoor plants may provide a natural way of removing certain toxic agents from the air. Supposedly, the plants thus help combat Sick Building Syndrome. There is also some evidence to suggest that patients in hospital rooms with plants and flowers have significantly shorter hospitalizations.

We could use a little green, I thought. So why not? The tending to these plants has actually become something of a hobby of mine. I give the Golden Pothos, the Areca Palm and the Peace Lily a shower every now and then, keep an eye out for browning tips and dead leaves, and make sure to regularly clean the foliage of the Mother in Law Tongues every so often with a wet towel. The results I get are really good. I find that showering the plants goes a long way in keeping the foliage healthy and green. In return I get a beautiful indoor environment and improved air quality.